What We Want

A stable studio location, protected from the volatile real estate market, where we are free to be artists and trailblazers which make San Francisco a hub of creativity and innovation. Ideally, a studio space not pushed to the outer edge of the City, but in our economically diverse neighborhood of SOMA. Creative artists, including successful ones, have a difficult time earning a living even in the best of times. Artists in San Francisco now have the additional cost and stress of being displaced out of their studios.

Our first choice is to remain in our building, a building that houses 37 studios with 46 artists. Our second choice is to remain in the City.

How This Might Happen

Purchase / acquisition    The purchase of our existing building or another building in San Francisco.As an example, CAST (Community Arts Stabilization Trust), helped The Luggage Store Gallery on Market Street acquire their building at below market rates.

Rent-to-own    Help to purchase a building, which allows artists to buy their studio over a period of years, at below market rates.

An Artist Colony    Create an artist colony in the Presidio, one subsidized by the Federal Government. The City of San Francisco has accomplished this at Hunter’s Point.

We Need Your Help   

A coalition of supporters, or a supporter could make all the difference in achieving our goals.  Startups have Angels, now we need individuals, corporations, foundations and investors to act as Angels to help mitigate our displacement.

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