Rezoning of SOMA

Present zoning:  Service / Arts / Light Industry. The proposed zoning: Mixed Use Office. If approved, it would result in more housing and Tech businesses in SOMA.  Art studios, art related businesses, etc., would be forced out by raising rents. This is already happening. The owners of property in SOMA are expecting it to pass. It is the reason we were given notice to vacate sometime in 2015.

But….the rezoning of SOMA has NOT yet been approved.

Sometime next Spring the Board of Supervisors will vote on this proposal. Now is the time for us to challenge its implementation.


Political Action. Put pressure on City Hall. Contact Jane Kim, Supervisor of SOMA. Contact all our supervisors.  We will be hooking up with TODCO, a non-profit group in SOMA who is committed to a different plan (see below). 

Apply Pressure on our landlord. We hope to do this with the help of TODCO. They plan on renting a studio this August.  Having a non-profit in our building will be to our advantage.

Create Allies. Inform SOMA businesses, particularly near our studio.

Contact the press.

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