Linda Belden

Studio 8A

I’m a visual artist and designer who, having founded two design and manufacturing companies, am focusing on textile art and watercolor painting.

For years, I worked in the gift industry, designing products for my own company, Linda Belden Studio, a note card and stationery business, and others, including Marcel Schurman, Santa Barbara Ceramics and Colorbook. In 2003 I introduced my premier collection of hand-made rugs at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, where The Washington Post on-line described my rugs as among the top 10 new products at the fair.

After designing rugs for 12 years, and having others weave them, I began to make textiles myself.  My grandmother, Geneva Winston, a fantastic seamstress, knitter, and general all around craftswoman, was always doing something with her hands. I got that gene.

I have always been in love with embroidery, it is the quintessential embellishment. A few years ago, it seemed like a good idea to add embroidered landscapes to my painted ones, and then came embroidered portraits of friends and family.