Less Stripes more Zags

I shall not forget the first time the White Stripes invaded my brain. Jack White is a brilliant songwriter / musician and Meg is the kind of drummer that demonstrates how less can be more. Together, the White Stripes are (in my mind anyway) the Beck of this period of music – oddly familiar, yet ground-breaking-ly unique. Yes, that’s a word.

Jack White

It’s rock baby! This is elemental rock’n’roll. Then along comes the album Get Behind Me Satan. It starts out innocently enough with Blue Orchid and you’re thinking, “OK, more of the same…….” Then The Nurse throws you a curve ball with marimbas – yes you read that right – marimbas. But tucked in there is that unmistakable rock punctuation. It’s almost as if Jack is trying to say, “OK….. OK……. It’s different, yes, but it’s still rock……..”

Forever for Her is as close to a piano ballad as you’ll ever get from this dynamic duo. This is powerful, powerful stuff. But more importantly, it’s proof that Jack’s wish to try new stuff wasn’t going to be limited to his production of Loretta Lynn’s Van Lear Rose. But my favourite track on this album is My Doorbell. It screams fun like no other song they’ve written. I want to see this song redone by an R&B outfit. Anyone?

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