Heather Buechler

studio #23A  www.heatherbuechler.com

I use art as my primary form of communication and expression. My art evolves with me and each collection is representative of my state of mind at the time that it was created. My inspirations are spontaneous and I tend to use my intuition and my instinct as guides for the direction of my art. At first glance, my collections appear as a whirlpool of darkness, purity and divinity, arbitrariness, and supremacy – all intertwined with one another. My art is indeed a rollercoaster of my life, often depicted graphically in a self-portrait configuration in order to showcase my inner thought process in a form that can be accessible and appreciated by viewers.
I draw primarily with Cattle Markers (large oil sticks used to mark livestock). I enjoy working in this medium because I can work aggressively with large expressive mark making. Most of my drawings are done in multiples, focusing on color and on deconstructing forms into mannequin-like figures. I am interested in the way my drawings react and reinforce each other by displaying them side by side as an installation.
Recent series include: Deity Series, Kimono Series, Diva Series, and Cellular Series.