Wendy Tremont King

Studio # 20

When was the last time you looked into the glassy eyes of a teddy bear and saw its soul?

I wanted to become a neurosurgeon to discover the mysteries of the brain but I cringe at the glint of the scalpel and faint at the sight of blood and anyway, I don’t think there is any better medium with which to study human behaviour than a puppet in the hands of a human.  It’s uncanny what a puppet will make you do or say.  I hear voices in inanimate objects.  That sensitivity has fed my career as a puppeteer, stage, film and voice over actor.

It is because of puppet production and voice over that I joined SOMA Artists Studios.  Activities at Studiotozzi include long format narration in the iso-booth, ADR looping for indie film production, multi-voiced audio drama recordings, recorded table reads for screenwriters, puppet production for film and stage, rehearsals, voice coaching sessions and my favorite moments are spent drinking tea around the work table with other artists, sharing ideas.

Young Mozart
Wizard of Odds

Tozzi Puppets
Candy Matson – Florence Gould Theatre

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