Trudy Evard Chiddix


My work is inspired by the art of ancient civilizations, by folk crafts of many cultures, and by patterns and textures found in nature and while traveling. Blending these “discovered motifs” into my art gives me a sense of connection to other people and places. My primary medium is clay, but I often incorporate fused glass and mixed media into my vessels, sculptures and wall hangings. The pieces are handbuilt with clay slabs and coils, and then glazed and fired before the mixed media elements are attached. I strive to create lively objects that show the work of the human hand and spirit.

6 thoughts on “Trudy Evard Chiddix

  1. Hi Trudy! I have been wanting to purchase a piece of your sculpture for a long time and Janet Crescenzie said you had a web site! I am very impressed! I am living in Florida now. Have been back to CA a few times to see Mom usually under “iffy” conditions with her and Deb’s health. At the moment all is well. You are probably back and forth between SF and Colorado. Let me know how you are and what you have for sale. I would like a rather large piece. I remember you having some angel like figures that I really liked at your home in SF. Big hug and kisses, JOY

  2. Hi Trudy,
    I am not sure that you will remember me. I am Ellen Gould now, former wife of Bill Johnson. I was looking through my Southwest Art magazine last night, and saw your review!!! Your work is gorgeous. I would love to get in touch with you if that is OK. I can be reached at

  3. Hi Trudy, so happy to see your energy and joy emanating from these beautiful works of art!
    Love you girl, Lorenza

  4. Hi Trudy ! My name is Nancy Callahan. I rented a room in the Barrymore house in the Trout Club…seems like a life-time ago!! I lost my house in the Jesusita Wildfire in 2009 and the only..and I mean only…thing that was not destroyed, was a vase you made for me!!!

  5. Hi Trudy, Jim posted your link today and wow! Do I love your work! Just wanted you to know we visited your sight and are quite impressed! Miss you both, all is well here on Maui, Susan & Rick

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