Tama Greenberg


My artwork (paintings on canvas, works on paper, and monotypes) is composed of three elements with varying emphases in each work: texture, color, and image. My basic medium is acrylic paint, but frequently I have added collage, for its compositional and textural aspects. Texture comes from the paint application, as well as collage. My imagery swings from cerebral landscapes to figurative to organic forms to abstraction. The figure has always fascinated me as a structural form, which I generally depict in a non-sexual way by use of unnatural colors and asexual forms, either heads, partial or full figures. My predominantly bright colors are combined with contrasting dark or muted tones to achieve a more complex effect. I use transparent layers of unmixed paint, both for the surprise element and to create more intense colors. Color to me is very personal and subjective. I generally use colors that please me.

But I also approach art as a child, playing with color and shapes spontaneously, much like a large doodle, without a specific subject in mind.

Art to me is pure pleasure, the process being as important as the result. I hope I convey that pleasure to the viewer.”

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