Rex M. Dacanay


As a figurative sculptor, most people expect me to say that I was inspired by the Masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini, or Rodin.  But, I am actually inspired by the statues of the Saints, Christ, and the Virgin Mary whom I often invoked inside Cathedrals growing up Catholic. I am enamored with sculpture as symbols that could inspire or lend comfort to a viewer.
My sculpting style is loose in that I don’t completely smooth but leave the impressions of the application of the clay. I believe they add to the emotive quality of the piece. I also divide my sculptures into two categories:
Figurative Studies –observations/interpretations of live models that are most often glazed using the Japanese Raku technique. The unpredictable outcome of this type of colorful glazing is challenging as what comes out of the kiln may not be exactly what you had in mind. However, “happy accidents” can lead to a better piece.
Conceptual  – totemic offshoots of my figurative studies, that are inspired from a single theme. These are often hand-painted because they often have delicate parts that may not handle a second firing and painting also allows me a little more artistic control in accentuating the theme.