Jeremie Garza


I am a creative person and I express myself in vibrant colors. I am also very aware of emotions, both my own and those I interact with. I soak up plenty working in mental health. This does not lead me into sadness or regret, I truly enjoy my work. In my art studio sometimes I am focused on a design process and other times it is purely an emotional outlet for me. Regardless, I am still me, influences and all, and that’s fine. I am usually happy or helping others or drooling over some shiny object… it could even be as simple as a sugar cube. I can entertain myself with a box of those!

I am a working artist and a moody artist in one. I have done a variety of work in SF and Denver. I enjoy discovering my own path and diversity in what I do. Like an adventure into a new medium or technique. I don’t often constrain myself with repetition and this has turned my body of work into a variety of visuals. Ciao! Jeremie



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