Janet Seifert

Studio 17  ArtSpan.org/artist/janet-seifert

Janet Seifert:  Improvisation

My current series of paintings is based on abstract improvisation, a spontaneous yet contemplative approach to painterly expression born of abstract expressionism. Using gestural brushwork and the flowing elegance of fluid pigment, I create colorful compositions that realize moments in time.

   The paintings are an exploration of luminosity and aesthetics, colored with insights and notions of the moment. It’s alchemy of a certain sort, working with intuition and materials in a way that have no certain outcome. For me the process is a journey into the mysteries of creativity.

Inspiration arises from a medley of interests, including the stunning Hubble telescope photographs of the cosmos, and my own hiking and stargazing journeys in the farther reaches of northern California.


Seifert.Curvilinear 72

Seifert.Curvilinear 72

Seifert.From Stardust No17

Seifert.From Stardust No17

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