Erick Vera

Studio 25

I’ve spent the last 20 years working in the tech industry managing and developing teams that produce instructional content. That’s my day job. What I really do is sculpt. I work mostly in clay but really enjoy creating sculptural cakes too. I’m eclectic that way.

My work begins with an examination of the human form. I’m constantly overwhelmed by the poetry of lines inherent in every muscle and sinew of the body. From there I try to expose the underlying nature of the figures I sculpt. Sometimes I juxtapose flowing forms with hard lines because the subject seems to be at odds with their environment. Other times I feel compelled to simply capture the quiet dignity of a subject. I love to be constantly surprised by the kinds of stories I can tell through shadows and silhouettes.

I have a wide range of interests. My mind is constantly winging off in hundreds of directions. So instead of limiting my scope or setting a specific focus, I choose to follow where the forms take me. I try to find subjects that speak to me in some way; be it the character in their face or the lines of their body. When I work, I really try not to preconceive how the piece will fit into my vision, but instead focus solely on capturing what I’m seeing and feeling as faithfully as I can.  There’s always a point when I start to feel the essential trueness of a subject coming to life. To me that’s when clay becomes art.