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  1. Hello,

    My name is Larisa Golubeva, I live in SF and sell artwork of local artists – http://www.Arts4U.biz

    I have a friend (a businessman) who is a big fan of art and he has recently started a new project, where local artists will have an opportunity to exhibit their art to potential customers on the 50″+ TV screens that will be set up at the high-end local bars and restaurants in Bay Area and in upscale wineries of Marine County. The prospective customers will be able to make a deposit for an art piece they like or buy it right away with a click of a button. There was a specific software created for this project.

    There are no fees for artists.

    There will be information on each art on the bottom of the TV screen: title, dimensions, price, artist’s name and a short info about an artist himself. The artist gets 65% and we can sign an agreement (if an artist wants so) which can be edited to accommodate everyone’s needs. An artist pays only a Notary Public fee – $10 when signing an agreement.
    Also, if an artist wants to make any changes, subtractions or additions to the TV exposure or change prices or take any or all of his work off the TV Exposure and leave, it’s not a problem – he’ll just need to let me know and I’ll make all changes he wants right away.

    Also, before exposing your art in any location you’ll be informed about it and will decide if you want your work to be exhibited at this particular location.

    I’m attaching a photo of the first TV screen. It’s 26″ x 48″ and ready for being installed. The first set up will be in the end of August and we’re looking for appropriate places now. If you have any suggestions, please let me know about it.

    There are already some artists whose work is uploaded for this project and we need 6-7 more now and more in the future. We are interested in painting, mixed media, collages. Each art work will be selected to fit certain bar’s/restaurant’s or a winery’s atmosphere. You’ll also have the possibility to meet a buyer in person when he comes to buy your art.

    The TV is in a “vertical” mode on the photo, but it will probably be set up in a horizontal mode or there will be two TVs in the same location: “horizontal” and “vertical”. Regardless of how it will be installed, all arts that are in “horizontal/wide” or “square” modes will be adjusted so as to show arts’ original proportions. The TV’s screen dimensions 26″ x 48″. Most future TVs will be bigger. This is just a first “tryout”

    The project has big potential and it’s a new way of selling art work. This is basically FREE ADVERTISING for the artists.

    There are a few TVs already installed in Redwood Room Bar in “Clift Hotel” (we’re not related to them) http://www.clifthotel.com, but they are just showing art there, without selling it.
    We have decided to take it further.

    If you are interested to be a part of it or have friends who might be interested, please email me back with your website address and I will tell you what we’d need from you. Basically, if you’re interested, we’ll have to meet and I have to see your art. Then you’ll have to email me the images of your work, their titles, dimensions, material, sales prices, your name, your website or a webpage or just some info about yourself, so that I can compose a short introduction for you. The first TV is going to be installed in the end of August. If you’re interested, please let me know. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.

    Larisa Golubeva

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