Alex Shepard

Studio 4

I am a technologist and an artist. I’m interested in the relationship between the digital and the analog, and in the role of the work of art in the age of digital reproduction. Technology products such as digital cameras and computers appear to the consumer to be virtual and machine‑made things, but the human hand is involved in every stage of production of these items: from mining precious metals to designing and constructing chips and boards to writing and testing software. The bugs and glitches that inevitably appear in all digital products are often evidence of that human hand: mistakes made by a human. I am interested in art processes that appear at the intersection of the hand-made and the virtual: 2d and 3d prints, interactive objects, virtual artifacts, software, video games, etc.


4-color Woodblock Print


Silkscreen Print, 18″x36″

northeastr blocks

“Northeast’r (Blocks)”
Relief Sculpture, 36″x108″