18 Days

I had the privilege this week of photographing a family during this army dad’s 18 day leave.  He’s been serving our country in Iraq and will soon be there again until March.  What a wonderful way to document a homecoming.


“Chopper” promptly stole the show (and see the great smiling expressions from the family?  that’s because I’m practically laying on the ground – making cat noises… I always say, anything for a great picture!)

The girls were so much fun… and I think from the expression on dad’s face, he was just soaking it all in.

I think this look says it all.

My favorite shot of the session.  

Thanks to the Hafer family for being so great to work with, and thanks especially to Josh.  Your sacrifices make life better for us all.

Just a note:  at Scott Photography those serving our country in the armed forces never pay a session fee for photos with their family.  Contact us if you know a military family we can serve.

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